Saturday, November 21, 2009

Open in Same Window (regkey)

Many people are posting a problem on tech forums lately complaining about not being able to reset their open folder command to open in the same window. ("my windows open in e new window and i can't reset it!")
This occurs when you install certain programs or mess with the file type settings in folder options.
For an easy solution, download the following file, unzip it and double click on the file to install the correct registry data, and your folders should open in the same window again.
Hope this helps

downloadDownload Regkey Here!

Mostly, this problem comes from having manually entered values in the file type tab of the folder options tool in control panel;

By clicking on advanced it is possible to enter new "open with" command lines - but if you use this option to edit windows protected files with no esxtensions (such as "Folder" or "File Folder"), then if you enter "explorer.exe" as an "open" command you have doubled the command which already existed as default with Windows. This will cause your forlders to open in a new process/window. This cannot be edited back from the folder options tools as seen in the image above. Use the free regkey download above to solve this issue.
You can also edit manually using start\run\regedit.exe and follow these instructions;

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