Thursday, July 8, 2010

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Adobe Creative Suite 5 Master Collection Student & Teacher Edition [Mac]
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Monday, November 30, 2009

Digital Ants

Digital Ants, is not the name of a new CGI movie from Disney PixarMovies, it is a new form of antivirus technology being developed by Scientists from Wake Forest University and the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. The program is designed to seek out viruses, malware and the like using an army of "digital ants, sargeants and sentinels". The ants perfor very simple functions in recignizing certain algorythms or status data such as connection rates, CPU memory used or any other factor of around sixty technical status details. When one of the digital ants senses something conspicuous, it releases what the developers call a "digital pheromone" which alerts other ants to come and take a look. If there appears to be any kind of unusual activity going on, then the ants report to their overseer, called a "sentinel". The sentinel then asesses the data recieved from the digital ants, and, if it considers the data to be anomalous or worthy of further investigation, it reports to it's superior, which is known as a digital "sergeant". The ants are fed digital "rewards", or perhaps pbetter said a "digital career initiative system". If an ant does not find enough data to asess, then it is declared obsolete and killed off. But if an ant does prove effective, then it is cloned and reproduced, increasing it's numbers. The offspring are then sent to monitor the detected problem. The great advantage which digital ants have over the normal antivirus software is that they do not have to eat up resources through the scanning system, rather only use the amount of ants needed to cover the detected problems, and if more need of monitoring is called for then more ants are created according to the needs of the "mission" . This means basically, that the amount of ants in the system will increase or decrease according to the amount of detections, which leaves more CPU resources free to you than a normal antivirus software, with the ants only increasing in numbers and using escalated resources, when a defense is necessary.
There are 64 types of digital ant. The researchers got positive results in their tests when they released 3 worms into their test system on a linux computer bank, which had only four of the 64 kinds of ants inhabiting it, and the ants managed to detect these worms, which they had never before seen or detected and had no previous recognition data patterns programmed!
What is even more incredible, is the fact that the ants only used four criteria of data tests in able to monitor and identify the worm virus.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Corel Draw Portable

Corel Draw Is now available as a portable application.
CorelDRAW Graphics Suite delivers a host of indispensable Graphis Art tools for today’s pro graphic designer.
With this software gem, you can confidently tackle a wide variety of projects - from logo creation and Web graphics, to multi-page marketing brochures, or eye-catching signs.

Create and edit high format designs using intuitive vector illustration and page layout worktools with extensive options. Retouch and improve your photos. Convert bitmap images to editable and scalable vector files. Corel Draw will ease your work with it's intuitive interface and wide range of capabilities.

The ergonomic user interface is easy to use and extremely intuitive.

Gain valuable feedback by sharing your designs and ideas with colleagues, and collaborating with clients in real time.
New! Windows® Color System
Match colors between Corel and Microsoft applications.
New! Adobe® Color Management Module
Match colors between Corel and Adobe applications.
Create illustrations, logos, brochures, newsletters, flyers, signs, Web images and more.

Enhanced! Windows Vista® Integration
Easily organize projects and search for files.
New! Editable Content
Leverage an abundance of new content, including 10,000 clipart images (40% new) and 1,000 high-quality photos. More specialized fonts include 75 Windows Glyph List 4 (WGL4) with support for Greek, Cyrillic and other international character sets, as well as engraving fonts and OpenType® cross-platform fonts.
Redesigned! New from Template Dialog Box
Browse by keyword or industry to easily find the right template for any job.
New! 80 Professionally Designed Templates
Access high-quality templates, complete with keywords, notes about design choices, output tips and ways to maintain good design when customizing templates.


Download Corel Draw!
New! Interactive Tables Create and import structured layouts for text and graphics. New! Independent Page Layers Vary page layout within a multi-page document.
New! Live Text Formatting Preview formatting changes before you apply them. New! WhatTheFont™ Integration Save time by immediately identifying fonts used in existing designs or artwork received from clients (English only).
New! Mirror Paragraph Text Mirror text horizontally, vertically or both.

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Infra Recorder Portable

InfraRecorder Portable is fast becoming Ian extremely popular CD and DVD burning program. It has now been packaged as a portable application, so you can perform burning of discs "on the go". It has all the same great features of the install version of InfraRecorder including functions such as the creation of your own customized data, audio and mixed-mode projects, which can be recorded as physical discs or even ISO or IMG CD image files.

Download Infrarecorder Portable Now!

MP3 Plugin: To rip mp3 files, you need to download the InfraRecorder Portable MP3 Plugin too, although you don't need it to burn mp3 files. The InfraRecorder Portable installation package does not include the plug-in. This is primarily due to patent license restrictions. Some countries are not affected by this.

Perfect SEO on Push of a Button

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Ultra Iso Portable

UltraISO Premium ML Portable (3,1 Mb)

UltraISO is perhaps the best ISO CD/DVD image file and bootable CD/DVD maker in my opinion. Ultra Iso can directly edit the CD/DVD image file and extract files and folders from it, in addition, it can create ISO files from a CD/DVD-ROM or hard disk.

UltraISO is in sole ownership of the intellectualized ISO document format analyzer, it can process most types of img and iso files, including ISO and BIN. UltraISO can convert other image files to the standard ISO format.
See screenshot of Ultra ISO Program Interface (below);

Tasks which UltraISO can perform:

1. Duplicate disc to ISO file from CD-ROM.
2. Build file on hard disk, CD-ROM, net drive to one ISO file.
3. Extract files from ISO file.
4. Edit ISO file in many format (such as Nero burning ROM, Easy CD Creator, CDRWin, CloneCD, BlindWrite, etc.).
5. Make bootable ISO file.
6. Create/Edit Audio CD image.*** Some details:1. Can directly edit the ISO image file.
2. Can directly extract files and folders from ISO image file
3. Can add / delete /create new directory /rename ISO file image content.
4. Can make ISO file from hard disk document.
5. Can create CD image from CD-ROM, maintain bootable information.
6. Can process the compact disc boot information, you can directly add/remove/extract boot image of the ISO image.
7. Supports nearly all known CD image file formats (.ISO, .BIN, .IMG, .CIF, .NRG, .BWI and so on) , and converts them to the standard ISO form image.
8. May directly set the file/folder to hidden attribute
9. Supports ISO 9660 Level1/2/3 and Joliet extension
10. Automatically optimizes the ISO image file structure, saves the CD space.
11. Supports the shell document type integration, Open Image files through double clicking them or the Right Click menu of the mouse with the open dialog.
12. The double window user interface is extremely convenient to use.
13. There are rich add-on tools, you can create ALL in 1 bootable compact discs, CD image file management, even the virtual CD/DVD drive, those functions are really powerful.

Download Ultra Iso (Portable Edition)
UltraISO supports more than 30 data CD image formats, including Alcohol 120% (*.MDF/*.MDS), Apple(*.DMG), BlindWrite (*.BWI/*.BWT,*.B5I/*.B5T), CDSpace (*.LCD), CDRWin (*.BIN/*.CUE), CloneCD (*.IMG/*.CCD), DiscJuggler (*.CDI), Duplicator (*.TAO/*.DAO), Easy CD Creator(*.CIF), Farstone Virtual Drive (*.VCD), Gear (*.p01/*.md1/*.xa), Instant Copy (*.pdi), Nero - Burning ROM (*.NRG), Noum Vapor CDROM (*.VaporCD), NTI CD-Maker (*.NCD), PlexTools (*.PXI), RecordNow(*.GI), Prassi (*.GCD), VCDROM Extension (*.FCD), Virtual CD (*.VC4/ *.000), Virtuo CD Manager (*.VDI), WinOnCD (*.C2D). It can handle DVD image up to 10GB, and open audio CD image, video CD image, or disk image(.IMA)

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Open in Same Window (regkey)

Many people are posting a problem on tech forums lately complaining about not being able to reset their open folder command to open in the same window. ("my windows open in e new window and i can't reset it!")
This occurs when you install certain programs or mess with the file type settings in folder options.
For an easy solution, download the following file, unzip it and double click on the file to install the correct registry data, and your folders should open in the same window again.
Hope this helps

downloadDownload Regkey Here!

Mostly, this problem comes from having manually entered values in the file type tab of the folder options tool in control panel;

By clicking on advanced it is possible to enter new "open with" command lines - but if you use this option to edit windows protected files with no esxtensions (such as "Folder" or "File Folder"), then if you enter "explorer.exe" as an "open" command you have doubled the command which already existed as default with Windows. This will cause your forlders to open in a new process/window. This cannot be edited back from the folder options tools as seen in the image above. Use the free regkey download above to solve this issue.
You can also edit manually using start\run\regedit.exe and follow these instructions;

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